Brow Options


Basic Microblading   from               £215

Nano blading   from                        £225

Microblading & Shading     from    £265

Manual Ombre/Powder  from        £295

Flawless Feather Brow                  £295

Annual Top Up From                      £110

Micro-Pigmentation (Machine)

Individual hair-strokes    from                                   £245

Machine Nano Brows   from                                     £265

Custom Hybrid brows   from                                    £275

Ombre/Powder/full coverage   from                        £295         

Don’t worry if you can’t decide what you’re looking for, book a consultation and I can explain your options in person.


What to expect

  • What to expect from your brows.
  • It always looks darker straight after and the next day.
  • It does fade and lighten.
  • Fade is totally normal!
  • Many, many things can affect your final outcome.
  • After top up your colour will gradually fade over the coming months, Neither you nor I can stop this.
  • Everybody will have a slightly different outcome.
  • Your skin determines the final colour, I have no control over this, but I use my knowledge to choose the best possible colour.
  • It is a commitment, you will need to factor in annual top ups to keep the colour fresh.
  • There are no guarantees, I don’t know exactly how long you will get out your treatment.
  • Do your research and have a few pics to give me an idea of the look you are going for.
  • Be patient, it is a process and can take numerous treatments.

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